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About Participating

Volunteers are the heart of research at UCLA.

Without you, we would have extremely limited research.

Everyone has a different reason for volunteering. Whether it is to help future generations, to give back, or to be on the cutting edge of science, we are so grateful for all of the volunteers that help us with our work. 

Enroll as a Volunteer

The RSVP database is a secure, password protected database that matches people who are interested in participating in research studies with appropriate studies.

Research studies usually have rules about who can and cannot participate.  These are called inclusion and exclusion criteria. If you enroll in RSVP, we will ask you to answer some questions about your health history and some contact information. These questions are designed to help us match you with studies that are appropriate for you. You may choose to fill out as much or as little information as you wish.  The more information you fill out, however, the more accurate your matches will be.

While you will not be compensated for enrolling in RSVP, each study that you are contacted about will have it's own rules about whether there is compensation or not.  You must contact the study coordinator after you are matched to find out more about compensation.


Joining RSVP does not automatically enter you into any research studies. Once you sign up for RSVP, you will be contacted by RSVP staff any time you might be eligible for a study. We will give you the contact information for that study and it will always be your choice to contact the research team or not to see if you are eligible or not through a more thorough screening.

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